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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is James P. Connolly?

James P. Connolly is a stand up comedian and radio/TV host known for his playful, confident style and quick wit.

What is James P. Connolly's expertise as an event emcee?

James P. Connolly is recognized as one of the premiere Corporate Master of Ceremonies in the world.

Who are some of the satisfied clients of James P. Connolly?

James P. Connolly has satisfied clients including the Fortune 500 and leading Corporate Communication Companies and Brand Experience Agencies.

What sets James P. Connolly apart as a comedian?

James P. Connolly’s playful and confident style, coupled with his quick wit, sets him apart as a comedian.

What other roles does James P. Connolly fulfill in addition to being a comedian?

Apart from being a comedian, James P. Connolly also serves as a radio/TV host.