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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I hire Celia Munoz for my corporate event?

To hire Celia Munoz for your next corporate event, you can fill out the form on the Funny Business Agency website. They specialize in hiring entertainers with amazing pedigrees, including Celia Munoz.

What makes Celia Munoz a great choice for corporate events?

Celia Munoz is a world-renowned ventriloquist known for her unique and engaging performances. Her ability to captivate audiences makes her an excellent choice for corporate events.

Where can I find more information about hiring Celia Munoz for my event?

More information about hiring Celia Munoz for your event can be found on the Funny Business Agency’s website. They provide detailed profiles and booking information for a variety of entertainers.

Can Celia Munoz perform at other types of events besides corporate ones?

Yes, Celia has performed at a variety of events, including fundraisers, private parties and television shows. Her versatile talent makes her a great fit for any event seeking unique and captivating entertainment.

What kind of performance can I expect when hiring Celia Munoz?

When hiring Celia Munoz, you can expect a performance that blends ventriloquism, magic, comedy, and storytelling. Her interactive and memorable performances are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.