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7 Creative Conference Entertainment Ideas to Engage Attendees

Conference entertainment is a vital aspect of successful conferences and conventions. It helps to create a memorable experience for the attendees and keeps them engaged throughout the event. However, it’s essential to make the type of entertainment unique and creative to stand out from traditional events. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 7 unique and creative ideas for conference entertainment.

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7 Creative Conference Entertainment Ideas

Nate Bargatze - Clean Comedian - Funny Business Agency

1. Clean comedians

Hiring clean comedians is a fantastic way to add some humor to the event and keep attendees engaged. They can help create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that can be beneficial for networking opportunities. Funny Business Agency has a wide array of performers that can help you find the perfect comedian for your event.

Ben Seidman - Hire a Magician - Funny Business Agency

2. Amazing Magicians

Magicians can take the attendees on a magical journey and create a captivating experience for everyone. They can perform astonishing illusions and create a buzz among the attendees. Funny Business Agency has a range of magicians from close-up performers to grand stage productions to help make your event captivating.

Dan Dunns PaintJam - Event Speed Painter - Virtual

3. Wow Entertainers

From aerial performers to acrobats and jugglers, wow entertainment can add an element of surprise and amazement to your conference or convention. Funny Business Agency can offer a range of these performers, making sure that your attendees are entertained with something different.

Iluminate - Corporate Dance Group - Funny Business Agency

4. High Technology Acts

Audiences are always fascinated with high-tech performances. Laser shows or virtual reality show-stopping performers can keep attendees talking well after the event has concluded. If you’re looking to make your event truly unique and memorable, Funny Business Agency can help you find the perfect high-tech entertainment.

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5. Roving Artists

Roving artists, such as costume characters, caricaturists, living statues, photo novelties or portrait artists, can add an interactive element as well as ambiance to a conference. They can mingle with attendees, offering personalized take aways that will create lasting memories.

Corporate Entertainment - The Water Coolers

6. Musical Acts

Music is a universal language that can bring attendees together, making a long-lasting impression. Hire musicians, bands or sing performers to add an element of energy and fun to your event. Funny Business Agency has a wide variety of musical acts to suit any taste and theme.

Corporate Entertainer - James P Connolly - Funny Business Agency

7. Event Emcees

An experienced emcee is a great way to keep the event organized, flowing and fun. They can keep the attendees entertained and engaged with their playful and energetic hosting style. If you’re looking to add an event emcee to your conference or convention, Funny Business Agency can help.

Discover More Conference Entertainment Ideas

Visit Funny Business Agency’s website to discover unique and creative conference entertainment ideas that can make your event truly spectacular. With years of experience and a large roster of performers to choose from, you’re sure to find the right entertainment options for your next conference or convention.

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