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Virtual Emcees For Your Next Online Event

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In case you haven’t heard, virtual events are in, which means the demand for virtual emcees has skyrocketed to new heights. If you’re thinking about hosting an online get-together — or even thinking about thinking about it — you need to consider booking a host.

Virtual emcees can be incredibly valuable. Why? Two words for you: audience engagement.

While digital shindigs are currently popular, it can be difficult to “hook” audiences through a computer screen. There are just so many ways for them to become distracted. But an experienced host will make your event interesting and captivate attendee attention with ease.

Here are five virtual emcees you should consider for your next online event:

Jeff Civillico

What can we say? Jeff Civillico is as professional a master of ceremonies as it gets. The man has hosted morning shows on live TV, corporate events for major brands like Disney and AT&T, and headlined 1,000+ shows in Las Vegas. Talk about a resume!

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a mega-gathering for thousands of people or a small Zoom meeting for a few colleagues, Jeff will make sure it’s seamless, professional and fun.

Amy McWhirter

Soulful. Captivating. Energizing. Inspiring.

These are just a few of the words that describe Amy McWhirter, an experienced emcee with the unique ability to connect with an audience and engage them in event material. So it’s no wonder her client list includes large brands like KitchenAid, PBS, and Cadillac. 

Amy has the skill set and experience needed to ensure your virtual event is a success.

Jon Petz

Jon Petz is an in-demand virtual emcee and entertainer whose career spans more than 15 years and 1,200+ successful events of all kinds. So we think it’s safe to say he has a fair amount of hosting experience, which will undoubtedly benefit your next online gathering.

But that’s not all! Jon is also an experienced keynote speaker. Booking him means you can hire one of the world’s best virtual emcees to run your event and a talented speaker to address your audience without hiring multiple people. Two birds, one stone. 

Laura Schwartz

Laura Schwartz has planned and participated in events at the highest level. We’re not joking, she’s the former White House Director of Events. Doesn’t get much higher than that!

After watching her do her thing, you’ll understand how she attained such a lofty position. Laura has an exuberant spirit that helps her forge meaningful connections with audiences of all sizes. When it comes to virtual emcees, you can’t go wrong with Laura Schwartz.

Taylor Hughes

Taylor Hughes is more than a virtual emcee, he’s a celebrated entertainer with over 20 years of performance experience. If you’re looking for someone to keep your online event running smoothly and engage your audience with a few jokes and magic tricks, Taylor’s your guy.

He will work with you to create a custom program that fits your specific requirements. That way you can host the team meeting, training, or conference of your dreams.

Hire the Best Virtual Emcees

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