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5 Trade Show Entertainment Ideas

Are you looking trade show entertainment ideas and to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors? Want to avoid standing alone, hoping for someone to come talk to you?

One of the most unpleasant experiences is setting up your trade show booth and waiting for people to come by.

What you need is something compelling that will draw people in, keep them around, and leave them with a positive experience associated with your brand.

Hiring the right type of trade show entertainment can accomplish not only these things, it can make your booth stand out from your competitors.

Promotional items can be expensive and easily discarded. Often exhibitors practically shove these items into the hands of attendees in an attempt to get their name out there.

And because exhibitors are so eager to gain visibility, they need to order a large volume of promotional materials. Oftentimes, these items are low quality, useless, and cheap throwaways.

Here are 5 trade show entertainment ideas:

1. Close-up Magic

Erick Olson Trade Show

Magic is one of the oldest and most compelling forms of entertainment. For centuries, magic has been popular at fairs and festivals. Even today magic grabs people’s attention and holds it. Attendees are drawn into your booth, held there, and witness something fun and surprising. It boosts their mood and provides you with an easy transition to begin a conversation. Oftentimes, a magician can also incorporate your product or service into a customized routine.

2. Professional Balloon Twisting

Book Master Balloonist

The creativity and skills that some balloon twisters have are stunning. These aren’t your ordinary backyard party balloon twisters – these professionals can craft intricate, realistic, and attractive balloon animals, props, and more.

These bright, colorful, attractive creations help build word-of-mouth. Other attendees see what they have, ask where they got it, and are directed to your booth.

3. Digital Caricatures

Just like balloon twisting, caricatures not only draw (no pun intended) people to your booth, but act as a promotional giveaway item that will attract other attendees to your booth. These cartoonish portraits will be kept, shared, and displayed, ultimately serving as a reminder of you and your company.

4. Wire Bending

Book Wireman for Trade Show

Bending wires is just as much as an art as twisting balloons and drawing caricatures. Wires can be bent in a variety of forms to fit with your objectives, whether it’s in relation to your brand, or your attendee’s names.

5. Human Statue

Book Human Statue

One way to generate buzz and evoke an emotional response from attendees is to hire a human statue for your booth. A human statue creates a sense of mystery and wonder that will translate to more word-of-mouth and a strong memory with your brand. Sometimes your product or service can be tied into the costuming or theme.

Trade show entertainment is a great way to attract attendees to your both, keep them there, and allow you to easily transition into a conversation with them. It can help generate buzz about your booth, and create a positive emotional reaction to your potential customers – something they will be sure to remember.

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors? Want to avoid standing alone, hoping for someone to come talk to you? Contact Funny Business Agency now to begin talking about trade show entertainment ideas that will work for you.

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