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5 Reasons Why Magic Can Make Your Event a Success

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A Question of Brains 2013 : Local businessman Bill Brooks (left) on stage with magician and entertainer Bill Herz.

Want to know why magic can make your event a success?

Surely, you know the old expression about “all work and no play”. Well, that’s why the entertainment at company events is so important, not just to your employees, but for your company. Your employees, from upper management on down, work hard, and parties, events, and functions are opportunities to show your appreciation, celebrate successes, commemorate milestones, and maybe most importantly, let people have some fun, feel rewarded and acknowledged. Obviously, your entertainment choices are crucial. Magic is a natural for corporate functions, and here are five reasons why magic is a perfect choice for your events.

1. Magic is a universal art form.

People of all ages and persuasions in all cultures around the world enjoy magic. Seeing the impossible with your own eyes is always amazing, thought-provoking, fascinating, and just plain fun. And seeing it on TV just isn’t the same. It’s easy to dismiss on a screen. It’s a different matter when you’re in the same room as the magician. And unlike music—where everyone has their own tastes and preferences—a good magic show is enjoyed by all personality types. People at all levels of the company are on the same level when watching a magic show.

2. Magic stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Magicians spend their lives creating things people have never seen before and defying the natural laws. Watching a performer who thinks “nothing is impossible” can inspire employees to look at problems in new ways and find counter-intuitive and creative solutions. Magic gets people talking. Audiences want to analyze what they see and recount the funniest and most astounding moments. Magic gets people talking and thinking in new ways.

3. Magic generates laughter.

Most magicians have a healthy dose of comedy in their acts, but all magic acts have humor in them; it’s unavoidable. Just like a good joke does, seeing something that you know isn’t possible invokes laughter. A good magic act fills your audience with laughter. And the positive feelings generated by laughter linger long after the show is over.

4. Magic engages the audience like few other performing arts.

Magicians know they can boost the energy and excitement levels of their audiences through interaction—literally involving them in the show. This is not only improves the experience for the volunteers, co-workers love seeing their colleagues onstage and their engagement and interest in increased.

5. Magic creates lifelong memories.

Every magician after every show hears stories from audience members about specific magicians or tricks that they saw years ago. Magic is unforgettable. Andy by including magic in you even, your party, seminar, or conference can be unforgettable, as well.

Remember, Magic can make your event a success!

Bill Herz - Magician - Funny Business AgencyAuthor: Bill Herz
For the last twenty years Bill Herz has been wowing audiences of all kinds and all sizes around the world. From Fortune 500 companies to lavish private affairs, Bill Herz has decades of experience transforming typical meetings and gatherings into events that will stay memorable forever.


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