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5 Fun Ways to Make Zoom Meetings More Engaging

Are you looking for ways to make zoom meetings more engaging? Face-to-face online meetings are a necessity that aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s a challenge to keep employees engaged, and having everyone share what they made for dinner last night isn’t cutting it. But there are options to make virtual meetings more engaging, and more fun! 

Ways To Make Zoom Meetings More Engaging

How to Make Zoom Meetings More Engaging

Zoom has become a household name since COVID-19 emerged, but the following tips apply to any virtual meeting platform.

 1. Stand up and Stretch

The Japanese work culture has successfully practiced the idea of workplace exercise for decades. The idea is from the Japanese philosophy “kaizen” or “continual improvement.” The extent of employee’s commute is now walking from their bedroom to their workspace. Encouraging employees to incorporate low-impact movement will not only help their physical health but mental as well. Break up the meetings by having a quick standing and reaching to the sky moment or step it up with two-minute dance breaks with a fun song! Nobody can resist Twist and Shout!

2. Speed and Connection

Don’t be the annoying person who is always freezing and audio falling in and out. Employers, make sure your team is set up at home with a great internet connection. It may be funny to see Susan frozen with an awkward facial expression, but the goal is to keep the meetings as streamlined as possible so everyone can get on with their day. 

3. Play Hooky with Your Employees

Instead of yet another boring meeting, surprise your team with some virtual entertainment! Thanks to the cleverness of the internet, it is easier than ever to host a pub-style trivia game, introduce a surprise cameo by a celebrity, or get a keynote speaker to reinvigorate your employees. Consider making it a family-friendly event so the kids could jump in and watch the magician virtually blow their mind!

4. Interactivity is key

Whether it is sharing your screen or a great video that is in theme with the meeting (or is just funny), remember that your employees are people, not just faces in a box. Try to interact socially at the top of the meeting just as you would in the office. Start with a poll about favorite books being read, or the favorite shows on Netflix. Often these Zoom meetings are the only personal interactions some employees will have, and it is helpful to continue practicing empathy.

5. Show and Tell

Remember the best day of the week in school was show and tell? Richie brought in his pet lizard that was re-growing its tale after the cat incident, and Ashley had the best Barbie collection in the world. Bring Show and Tell back! Each week, assign a different employee to show and tell something in their home, whether it’s a favorite souvenir from their last vacation or their epic salt-water aquarium. Allowing the team to get personal and share what is important to them also reminds them they are being seen and heard outside of the workspace. In times like these, it is important to feel valued in other ways than just what you are paid to do. Who knows, you might learn you have more in common with your colleagues than you realized!

Learn more great ways to make zoom meetings more engaging and boost morale!

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