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4 Ways to Find Fresh Entertainment Options

When planning an event, one of the biggest concerns that often comes up is: “How will I top last years event?” Our clients continually express a desire to make their events memorable, get good feedback, and make sure that their client’s (if they are working for one) goals are met.

Being an entertainment agency, we suggest entertainment as a way of achieving these things. But how do we make sure our entertainment choices are well received? How do we make sure our clients receive entertainment that leaves a lasting mark? More importantly, how can you come up with fresh entertainment ideas all on your own?

Take a look at the 4 tips below to find out how you can make a lasting impression with your entertainment.

1. Look to the last five years

The first thing you want to do when coming up with fresh entertainment ideas is to develop a history of the company’s events. What entertainment options has the company gone with in the past? If a comedian has been hired every year for the last five years, “fresh” would be any entertainment option that isn’t a comedian. Make sure that you look beyond the event you are specifically planning for. In doing this, you can bring a whole new form of entertainment not just to the specific event that you are planning, but to all of the company’s events.

2. Stay away from cliche

When choosing event entertainment, choosing an entertainer that isn’t exactly standard can be refreshing to your guests. We all know about comedians, magicians, and jugglers, but what about a speed painter, a one-man dance act, or a “stomp” performance? These types of performers fit into a category we call “WOW Entertainment.” A show stopper, by definition, is a performer who doesn’t exactly fit the norm. If you want fresh entertainment, you can find it in any of these performers.

3. Who is new in town?

“Fresh” doesn’t necessarily apply to a new form of entertainment or a form of entertainment your guests haven’t seen before. Every performer takes on the challenge of continuously making sure that their act has something special to offer. If they want to stay competitive, they have to stay relevant and stay ahead of their competitors. If a magician doesn’t continuously develop new tricks, his act will get real old, real quick.

When you are looking for cutting-edge entertainment, try to find performers who are new on the scene or who have recently come out with a new act or set. You can do this by hiring an entertainment agency, getting in contact with local entertainers, or by perusing entertainment sites, magazines, television programs, etc.

4. Think Theme

Keep in mind that the “freshness” of entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be about the entertainment itself. You can make an entertainment option fresh by making your event fresh. Put your performers in a new setting, present them in a new way, and you may find that you didn’t need some golden act to make your event memorable. You just needed to brainstorm a little and come up with a new way of putting on your event.

Finding fresh ideas for event entertainment isn’t as hard as you might think. Remember that “fresh” is subjective. What is old news to you, might be new to your event guests. Using these four tips, you should have no problem finding an entertainer that suits your needs.

Where to Find Fresh Entertainment Options

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