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4 Tips for a Successful Event (A Day in Auburn Hills)

We have come up with 4 tips for a successful event. Recently, my colleague Jamison and I went to Auburn Hills for Fiat-Chrysler Automotive’ s 25th Celebration of being in their new building. It was a really fun event to be a part of: there were live bands, roving super heroes, star war characters, and green screen photos. They even had a Lego Land for kids to build different cars to race. We helped book airbrush and glitter tattoo artists, face painters and roving magicians.

Here are the 4 tips for a successful event:

1. Extensive pre-planning helps prevent any pitfalls

Planning a Successful Corporate event - Funny Business Agency

The best way to prevent any hiccups during the event is to iron out every detail in advance. It may take triple and even quadruple checking on things, but it’s worth it to make sure that everyone is on the same page and all the expectations are set ahead of time.

2. The unexpected always happens

The Unexpected at a corporate event - Funny Business Agency

Things always come up that you don’t expect and can’t have foreseen. Thorough pre-planning sets you up for success, but you should always expect something to come up. If you’ve done enough pre-planning, then hopefully what comes up isn’t a huge ordeal.

3. Great entertainment makes for a great event

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We were fortunate to have worked with a fantastic production company that was professional and organized. The entertainment we booked was outstanding as well: they were organized, hands-on, thoughtful and they really cared about the event. Most of all, they were just brilliant entertainers. The artists did great work, and the roving magicians drew huge crowds. At one point the magicians had to be moved to a different area because the crowds they were attracting began to obstruct the flow of people.

4. Take the time to plan for yourself

On Your Feet Corporate Event - Funny Business Agency

Being on your feet all day is hard. I bought new insoles for my shoes in preparation for this event, but even after that it wasn’t enough to keep my feet from aching. Fortunately, I had brought some ibuprofen to help me make it through the day. In addition to planning for the event, you need to plan for yourself: Bring your own supplies of food, water, pen, paper, phone charger (or even a Mophi Pack which saved me on both days), proper footwear and attire. Is the event outdoors? Check the forecast and keep rain gear in your car just in case.

Great entertainment, meticulous planning, on-site flexibility and comfortable stylish shoes make all the difference in ensuring that the event is successful and, most importantly, that your guests have a great time!

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