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4 Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Hybrid Events

Corporate entertainment ideas for hybrid events.

Hybrid events are the future and you want to get in on the trend before the novelty wears off. Great idea! Just make sure you go about it the right way…

In this article, we’ll examine four corporate entertainment ideas for hybrid events that you can use to elevate your gathering. By booking one (or two or three!) of them, you’ll ensure your hybrid shindig is as fun and memorable as it possibly can be.

Let’s take a look!

1. Kick-Off Entertainment

You want to start your hybrid event off with a bang, right? Of course you do! That way you can engage your attendees from the very beginning and make sure they’re invested in your get-together. What better way to do that than with a little kick-off entertainment?

Speed painters like PaintJam and Tim Decker will wow your audience by creating bonafide masterpieces in less than 20 minutes. Trust us, your crowd will eat it up. And the best part is, you can hire these performers for live or pre-recorded shows—whichever works best for you.

Eric Schwartz, a musical comedian, is another great option for kick-off entertainment. Hire Eric to write a song about your company and shoot a fully customized music video to accompany it. The result will be hilarious, guaranteed.

When it comes to corporate entertainment ideas for hybrid events, you can’t go wrong with a little kick-off entertainment. Book a talented performer to start your shindig off on the right foot.

2. Between Session Acts

You’ve got tons of content planned for your hybrid event—keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, must-attend networking sessions. But have you thought about what happens in between all the educational goodness you plan to deliver to your attendees?

Between session entertainment will help re-energize your audience and make sure their minds are fresh and ready to receive the information you’ll deliver to them next.

Fortunately, there are plenty of entertainment ideas for hybrid events that will work for this purpose. Here are two of our favorite options:

    • Comedy Acts: Laughter is the best medicine. Break up your hard-hitting educational sessions with a bit of light-hearted humor from a celebrity comedian like Jay Leno. Or go the improv route and book Colin and Brad from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”
    • Magic Shows: Maybe you want to shock and awe your audience instead of making them laugh. No problem, high-tech magic shows are all the rage right now. Book Digital Deception or Marco Tempest to create digital illusions that will stun.

One of the best things about comedy acts and magic shows is that both performances can be delivered in-person or via video—perfect for hybrid events that require both!

3. Professional Event Hosts

You probably don’t think of event hosts when you think about corporate entertainment ideas for hybrid events. But the truth is, the right host can turn a humdrum gathering into a memorable get-together that runs smoothly from start to finish.

And you won’t find better hosts than Taylor Hughes and Jeff Civillico.

  • Taylor Hughes combines excellent hosting abilities with award-winning magic skills to create a one-of-a-kind experience for event guests. Because of this, Taylor has been asked to be a part of mega events by Home Depot, AT&T, and The American Heart Association.
  • Jeff Civillico is similarly respected when it comes to event hosting. The man has been a Las Vegas headliner for years, hosted TV shows, and more in his career. Book him and his signature blend of professionalism and clean humor to elevate your hybrid event.

4. End of Event Entertainment

We’ve already talked about how important it is to start your hybrid event with a bang. Well, don’t forget about ending it in a memorable way, too!

End of event entertainment is super important. The right performers will be able to cap your gathering in the right way and get attendees excited to return to your next event—whether you plan to host it live and in-person, fully virtual, or as a hybrid combination of the two.

Musical acts are a great choice for end of event entertainment. So feel free to book your favorite band. Or, if you don’t have the budget to hire the Rolling Stones, try one of these:

  • Street Corner Symphony: This a cappella group took second place on NBC’s hit show “The Sing Off”. Now they’re one of the most popular vocal groups in the world and have performed for FedEx, Under Armour, and various NFL teams.
  • The Water Coolers: This award-winning group writes humorous songs about work, which they’ve been playing for audiences around the globe for the last 15 years. Book them to perform for your guests live or to shoot a pre-recorded video.

When considering corporate entertainment ideas for hybrid events, don’t forget to book talented performers to close out your gathering in a fun, memorable way.

Spice Up Your Hybrid Event

Corporate entertainment is important to the success of your next hybrid event. Fortunately, booking the world’s top acts—including all of the performers mentioned in this article—is a piece of cake. All you have to do is contact Funny Business Agency.

Get in touch with us, tell us a little bit about your event, and we’ll help you book entertaining acts that fit your specific needs and unique budget. It’s that easy!

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