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4 Award Ceremony Ideas For a Better Event

Amy McWhirter - Awards Ceremony Host - Funny Business Agency

Hosting an award banquet or gala in the near future? Then you’re probably looking for the best award ceremony ideas to make sure your event is a success. You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn four best practices when hosting a celebratory shindig.

1. Pick a Theme

The first of our award ceremony ideas is to pick a theme.

  • For example, you could pull out all the stops—book a luxurious venue, hire a fine dining caterer, implement a dress code—and make your award ceremony a fancy, black tie affair. Doing so will give your event an elevated feel and make it seem prestigious.
  • Or you could take a different approach. For instance, if you plan to host an award ceremony to honor the top sales reps in your department, why not go with a superhero theme?

The year’s top seller can win the “Superman” award, the top team player gets the “Captain America” Award, etc. Just have fun with it!

2. Create a Range of Categories

Award ceremonies are much more interesting when a wide range of people have the chance to win. It’s why the Oscars, one of the most popular award ceremonies in the world, honors set designers, VFX artists, and costumers—not just big-name actors and actresses.

Take a page out of Oscar’s book and make sure your award ceremony has a wide range of categories, too. This will ensure your event is fun and exciting for all attendees.

3. Offer Amazing Prizes

If you really want to create a buzz around your award ceremony, offer top-level prizes.

A trophy to display on the living room mantle is nice. So is the knowledge that your work is considered the best in its field. But do you know what else is cool? Gift cards to restaurants, tickets to sporting events, big screen TVs, and free vacations.

The prizes you offer will depend on your budget. But, if you can afford it, don’t be afraid to give winners something amazing. Doing so will increase excitement for next year’s award ceremony and may help inspire better work.

4. Book Professional Entertainment

Finally, no event is complete without professional entertainment, and that includes award banquets and galas. So if you’re really looking for the best award ceremony ideas, head over to this page and book yourself an event host, mentalist, comedian etc.

  • Event Hosts: The right event host will set the tone for your entire event, ensure the night progresses smoothly, and keep your audience engaged with humor.
  • Mentalists: A mentalist entertains audiences with the power of psychology. Your attendees will love having their minds read during this interactive experience
  • Comedians: You know what your award ceremony could use more of? Laughter! Add a healthy dose of comedy to your event by hiring a professional funny person.

If you plan to host a virtual award ceremony, professional entertainment is still recommended. There are plenty of acts who can perform for your digital crowd and keep them engaged throughout your entire event. Contact Funny Business to learn more.

Your Turn

There you have it, four award ceremony ideas you can use to ensure your upcoming celebratory event is exciting and memorable. Now all that’s left to do is take what we’ve shared in this article and implement it into your award ceremony plans. Good luck!

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