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3 Employee Engagement Ideas to Try

3 Employee Engagement Ideas

Fun fact: employee engagement is important. Like, really important…

Studies show that highly engaged team members are healthier, happier, less likely to call in sick, more loyal to their organizations, and WAY more productive. Want to experience these amazing benefits? Then take a look at these three employee engagement ideas.

1. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

A vast majority of the global workforce worked remotely in 2020. If you want to engage your team, let them continue working from home (or wherever they happen to be) in 2021, too.

Flexible work arrangements lead to higher levels of productivity. They also make employees feel like their managers trust them, which leads to great engagement. Just make sure that your team has the resources they need to telecommute before they do.

You hired your employees for a reason: to complete specific tasks and move your organization forward. Unless they absolutely need to be in the office to complete these goals, offer them a flexible work arrangement and trust them to do their jobs.

2. Publicly Recognize Your Employees

Public recognition. It’s one of the best employee engagement ideas, because it works. Plus, it’s so simple for management professionals to do!

Did a team member go above and beyond for your company? Make sure they know that you see and appreciate their efforts. Then go a step further and recognize them in front of their peers. Doing so will help them feel valued and connected to their jobs.

Note: while public recognition is proven to work, some employees shy away from the spotlight and would rather be recognized in private. Cater your approach to individual team members.

3. Host Professional Entertainment

Lastly, consider hosting professional entertainment to help engage your staff. There are plenty of acts to choose from. For example, you could book:

  • A Comedian: Laughter brings people together and makes us happy. In other words, it’s one of the best employee engagement ideas! From celebrity comedians to laugh-out-loud improv acts, a night of comedy might be just what your team needs.
  • A Magician: Forget laughter, maybe your employees want to be shocked and awed. If that’s the case, book a magician and let them blow your team’s mind. They’ll be talking about the performance for weeks afterward—all the while feeling more engaged in their work.
  • A Game Show Host: What’s more engaging than an interactive game show? Host a fun trivia night or game show experience and have the time of your life with your staff.

Does booking professional entertainment seem daunting? Don’t worry, Funny Business Agency can help! We have 25+ years of experience and have worked with many of the best comedians, magicians, and game show hosts in the business.

Give us a call and we’ll book the right performer for your team, too.

Your Turn

There you have it, three employee engagement ideas to try. By offering flexible work arrangements, publicly recognizing your team, and hosting professional entertainers, you’ll encourage your staff to become more involved in their work.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of the ideas in this article and implement it. Then sit back and watch as employee happiness, loyalty, and productivity increase!

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